Start a food & activity journal.

Start a food & activity journal

and be honest. You might have hit a dead end with your weight loss progress because you’re eating more than you think you are and moving less than you realize. “What goes in must go down (on paper or on your cell phone). Research shows that people who journal what they eat are more successful at weight loss,” says registered dietitian nutritionist Marisa Moore. “Use the journal to record every morsel of food and review it to see if there are certain triggers that lead you to eat more or less during the day. A journal can be an effective way to discover trends and uncover areas to improve, both with diet and lifestyle habits.”

2 Get more quality sleep.
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Listen up, late-night Netflixers, your lack of sleep is killing your weight loss progress! More than one out of three American adults do not get enough sleep, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Not only can your lack of zzz’s leave you feeling groggy it can have serious, long-term side effects and change your metabolism for the worse.

In fact, WebMD reveals that logging less than 6 hours of shut-eye can reduce fat loss by a shocking 55%—in part because when you’re sleepy you also feel hungrier. “Too little sleep can lead to increased levels of stress hormones, which have been shown to cause weight and fat gain, especially in your midsection,” adds Hassick.

3 Take a rest day.
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And in that same vein, take a rest day or two each week. “Sometimes one of the best ways to overcome a weight loss plateau is to rest,” says personal trainer Ajia Cherry, ACE, CHC, CPT. “Oftentimes focusing too hard on a weight loss goal can have a negative effect on you. Giving your body and mind the appropriate time to recharge will not only put you back on track but will also give you a moment to reassess your diet and exercise regiment. It may be time to change up one or the other or both.” Taking a few days off from the gym can also ward off overtraining.

4 Move more.
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If you regularly hit the gym and keep your routine varied, build a little extra activity into your day to burn some extra calories.

Do the dishes by hand
Take the elevator instead of the stairs
Take a walk around the block instead of grabbing a snack from the break room
While none of these things burn a ton of calories, every bit counts in your effort to get the scale moving again. For more fun ways to move more every day check out these ways to burn calories without a gym!

5 Power through with confidence.
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Sometimes when you hit a weight loss plateau, you just have to be patient and wait it out. Have faith that eventually you’ll start losing weight again because you will! Since it can be hard to maintain motivation when you’re not seeing results, reward yourself for healthy actions like sticking to a consistent workout routine and saying no to desserts throughout the workweek

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